AuthorHouse’s Guide to Selling More Books Through Amazon

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Publishing with AuthorHouse means you get a professionally produced book that will be listed in over 25,000 bookstores, including of course Amazon.

Thankfully there are a few proactive steps you can take to maximize your book’s sales potential through Amazon.”

With a title for sale online there is so much potential. Yet, at the same time there’s so much competition. Thankfully there are a few proactive steps you can take to maximize your book’s sales potential through Amazon.

In this article AuthorHouse examines what you can do to increase sales by optimizing your book’s Amazon listing.

First step: Sign up for Amazon’s Author Central.

Did you know that if you’ve authored a book you can register yourself as the author with Amazon? And once you’ve done that you’ll get access to some really powerful tools. Just go to Amazon’s Author Central and sign up.

It might take Amazon a few days to verify your request but once complete you’ll have access to your book’s listing. This means you can edit your bio, change your book’s description and add in any awards you’ve received, and importantly you’ll also have access to some sales data.

If you want to adjust your book’s listing in the AuthorHouse bookstore you can simply get in touch with your publishing consultant. So once you’ve got an Author Central account just follow these steps to maximize your listing:

  1. Update your editorial reviews

    AuthorHouse knows that over time authors continue with their marketing efforts and they are more than likely to have attracted some positive reviews from offline sources. Perhaps one from your local newspaper, or even from Kirkus or Foreword. Make sure you upload these to your book’s listing.

  2. Add videos and trailers

    Quite a few AuthorHouse authors have created book trailers. Just go to the AuthorHouse YouTube channel to check out some of them. Perhaps you have a video of yourself being interviewed or talking about your book. Well, Author Central allows you to post them. It’s another way to showcase your work to interested readers.

  3. Link your blog to your Amazon listing

    You can actually link your personal blog to your Amazon page and your posts will be automatically added. That means customers who stumble upon your book’s listing will see that you have a blog, you are an active author and it allows them to learn more about you. Additionally you can also link your Twitter account to your listing.

  4. Keep your personal profile up-to-date

    Your personal profile is a great place to mention any points of interest that might attract book buyers. If you’ve won an award, or were interviewed in the media, you can mention it in your bio. If it convinces customers that you are a professional author and worth reading then you should post it.

  5. Add your events

    These days Author Central even allows you to mention your upcoming events. If you are being hired as a speaker, or have an appearance at a book fair, or a book signing then you should post it on your listing. It will also show potential book buyers that you are a serious writer.

  6. Optimize your book’s description

    Authors spend hundreds of hours writing their books and then spend less than ten minutes on their blurbs. The fact is that your customers only give you 1 minute reading time to decide whether they want to buy it or not. It therefore makes sense to take your time over your cover blurb and don’t rush it. Once it’s written update your listing through Author Central and forward it to your AuthorHouse publishing consultant.

  7. Get yourself some five-star reviews

    Book buyers judge your hard work on feedback. So it’s time to attract some quality reviews. Begin by asking friends and family to read your book and then post their honest opinion. Try reaching out to bloggers who are interested in your genre and give away some free copies. Or why not befriend some of your fellow authors on the AuthorHouse Facebook page and ask to do a review exchange?

  8. Review other books in your genre

    As an author you will know how great it is when someone leaves you an honest, but positive review. Try dropping a few of your own to the books you’ve read, and leave a signature at the end of your review that takes people to your own book. Remember to leave a quality review (you’re not there to spam). If yours is insightful others might just visit your book to see if it’s interesting to them.

  9. Join the conversation

    Amazon’s forums are a great meeting place for readers and writers. It’s an arena to discuss all things books and literature. So join in. Make some new friends and perhaps they will want to look at your book. Just remember to add positive ideas to the conversation, if you simply post about your title then people will consider you a spammer and will ignore you.

These tips were bought to you by AuthorHouse, the world’s premier self-publishing company. AuthorHouse would like to remind its authors that book marketing is a continual process that takes time and effort. The AuthorHouse authors who do best are those who are active marketers. If however marketing is difficult then AuthorHouse also provide a range of additional marketing services. To find out more simply head over to the AuthorHouse website.

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